Image by Kym MacKinnon


Magic Meadow Farming is a California state licesed cannabis cultivation farm started and grown by Kristen Callahan and Christopher Kelly, a husband and wife team. Located in Northern California (Wine Country region), the farm is dedicated to the mission of creating a well-balanced ecosystem with rich soils that produce world class cannabis while treating the environment and the animals with love and care.

Magic Meadow Farm residents include pigs, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, rabbits, and a zebra.  

In September of 2015, the Valley Fire burned 76,067 acres, killed four people and destroyed nearly 2,000 buildings throughout Napa Valley and the surrounding area.  It took over a month to finally contain and put out.  From the ashes rose a magical meadow of wildflowers that brought color back to the farm.  We brought in the different animals to initiate a nutural ecosystem.  We introduced companion plants to keep the bad bugs at bay.  We hired industry professionals who share the same passion of cannabis cultivation and caring for the environment.  The end result is batch cannabis that doesn't disappoint.


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“MMF natural ecosystem farming is a model that other farms should adopt as it produces a premium Calfornia cannabis while caring for the soil and environment.”

Lars Garwood - GreenEnvy Dist.